I have just completed my first year of being a COBRA owner. I’ve followed the playbook that Chris Sutton has developed and the outcomes from my efforts have exceeded my expectations.

1.Understanding the Value of what we bring as owners:Not just the content we teach but the true monetary value. Initially, I hesitated to ask for $80-$90/hr. Now I don’t work for less than $150/hr. and my hourly rate on Saturday was $318.

2. Clear Message:Working with COBRA has enabled me to develop a clear message of what I do and how I can quickly solve my clients’ problems. Refining the Power Demo has been key to developing the message and delivering the right “dose”.

3. Converting: I have a lot more confidence in making the offer. The Power Demo does most of this. Quoting to corporate clients has improved through my experience with COBRA because it’s much easier to ask for what the program is worth when I know that other owners are maximizing their efforts by not hesitating to ask.

My experience as a COBRA owner has allowed me to make a living doing what I love to do and providing a work/life balance that I did not have when I was working in the corporate world. I attribute most of this to making the decisions early on to become part of COBRA Defense International.

-Wayne Burley, COBRA Certified Instructor #508 


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