A Self-Defense Company That Trains Schools , Corporations, Parents and Students  Beyond Run, Hide & Fight 

Unlike many government based active shooter programs, COBRA-Defense is NOT restricted by red tape and regulations.

COBRA is a private organization that conducts highly effective active shooter training without the burden of political correctness or ignoring reality. COBRA was developed from real law enforcement training and field experience, including it’s Active Shooter division.

COBRA Active Shooter is NOT a PowerPoint lecture. It is a workshop with attendees safely participating in mock attacks and responses.

Lock Down Drills Are Not Enough

The COBRA Active Shooter program is NOT, Run, Hide, Fight.

COBRA is, Escape, Evade, Engage.

The COBRA Active Shooter program is a 15-step system that starts by showing students how to instantly know where to escape to. They learn how to evade detection while reducing their profile as a target with strategic evasion tactics.

Students learn the window of opportunity to escape and, if necessary, the safest way to engage and subdue the shooter.

Your organization needs active shooter training. COBRA-Defense provides that training in corporate Team Building Workshops.

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