You Can’t Tap Out In Real Life

This book is a true interpretation of what it takes to succeed as an Entrepreneur and in the work place written by a former Law Enforcement Officer and founder of COBRA-Defense International,Chris Sutton. While most books on business only shine a light on certain aspects, this one breaks down the full reality.

A Play Book for Business and Life

This book is also designed to inspire individuals to find that extra gear to get the most out of life. Through real life stories and life lessons, this book can be a blue print and model that the reader can adopt for true life and business success.In This Book You Will Find: Real insights about working for yourself vs Climbing the Corporate Ladder Real Stories That Drive Home Critical Lessons What It Takes to Break Through as a Real Entrepreneur and What To Avoid The Absolute Skills & Mindsets Needed to Create Real Success In Business The Critical Architects You Will Need in Your Life on Your Journey How to Create a Real Blue Print to Get You Where You Need to Go. A Completely Different Way to Look at Life and Work.



“If you ve ever been unhappy in your job, or felt like you are capable of becoming more successful, but just didn’t quite know how or what steps to take to get there, then this book is for you. Chris uses his own personal experiences from his journey to becoming an international business owner, to give the readers the insight they need to actually get to a place of progression in life. This is such a motivational read! “

-Deniks Pease

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