1. When & how did you start training in the Self Defense/Martial Arts/Fitness industry? 

Tell us your story

My first introduction to Martial Arts was as a young boy watching Bruce Lee & various Martial Arts movies. I found myself watching these films over & over, fascinated & I wanted to be able to do what they could do. As I got older I did some Kick Boxing, Judo & Karate.



GKR Karate is where I first started teaching Martial Arts. A few years later I then trained in Kung Fu. A year or so later I met my Teacher, Glenn Stevens, this is where my training, both mentally & physically stepped up a gear.

I achieved my 1st & 2nd Dan Black Belt’s under Glenn Stevens. I then became qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer & also completed courses on Kettle Bells, Slam Bags, Vipers & TRX, I also did a Free Style Zone Training Instructor course.

From there I got more involved in the MMA industry. I’m a MMA Fight Trainer & a MMA Official where I Referee, Commission & Judge on various shows.


I run my own Martial Arts clubQuest Black Belt School. Two years ago I became certified in COBRA Defense Systems & more recently taken on the COBRA Fit program.

  2.How has COBRA added value to your training/business?

Since running the COBRA program I have seen a massive increase and interest from people that never would have been interested in Martial Arts classes.

COBRA has allowed me to provide realistic life saving training. It has also helped my Martial Arts club to expand.

3.What are your training/business goals for the next three years? 

Training goals – To achieve my 3rd Dan Black Belt & I’m hoping to start my journey to a Black Belt in BJJ.

Business goals – To expand my Martial Arts club, to help expand the COBRA brand in the UK & pushing forward with my referee career. I would also like to see COBRA kids training in UK schools as I feel it’s essential for kids to have this knowledge.

4. What do you enjoy most about being a Self Defense/Fitness instructor? 

The main thing I enjoy is seeing people grow, helping them achieve their goals & becoming more confident. The greatest thing of all is seeing someone reach a goal that they never thought they would reach.

5.If you only had 5 minutes to train someone, what would be the most valuable survival skills you would teach them? 

That is a tricky one, as I feel so many skills are essential. However if I only had 5 minutes I guess it would be ‘danger awareness’, as a big part of staying safe is being able to spot a threat in advance & avoid it.

6. Describe your school, it’s location and all the programs you/ your staff teach.

My club is Quest Black Belt School based in South London.

We run children and adults Martial Arts classes, training in striking, grappling & submissions, street wise self defense and weapons training.

We use various systems such as boxing, kick boxing, krav maga, BJJ, wrestling and karate.

We also run adults fitness classes & COBRA Fit. These classes include pad work, boxercise, kettle bells, resistance bands, circuits and of course high energy music which helps keep you motivated.

7. If someone is interested in joining as a COBRA Instructor/School what would you tell them?

I would tell them ‘don’t hesitate, the COBRA systems is a massive plus to what ever club or training you are providing at the moment’

This is not Martial Arts, this is something different!

Also the support from the whole COBRA Team is fantastic, & I don’t just mean the COBRA HQ, it’s all the instructors world wide. It’s a big family & everyone helps each other to succeed.



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