What Countries Active Shooter Response Training?

Australia like many countries outside the United States has different laws, governments and cultures. It was once out of the realm of possibility that a country like Australia would have to seriously consider the need for active shooter response training.

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It’s a much different world now. Many countries who have been viewed as more civil or less violent have experienced an increase in active shooter events.  Active shooter situations are no longer a predominate problem isolated to the United States.

In fact targeting countries and communities where nobody would expect it makes a greater impact from the shooters stand point. Easier and unexpected is their ultimate goal.

Along with the U.S. , countries like France, London, Turkey and numerous other countries are experiencing an increase in violent active shooter events.

Planning saves lives and many countries around the world lack effective plans for an active shooter response event. The lack luster government downloads encouraging people to “just run and hide” are as effective as a cardboard boat.  Of course you would run , maybe hide but then what? As often seen in active shooter situations there is a need for more effective steps to survive besides “run and hide”.

For the first time the country of Australia has a proactive law enforcement based active shooter response plan that is being offered to the general public, schools and businesses.

C.O.B.R.A. Defense Australia is located at 156 First Avenue, Bongaree, Queensland.  Australia’s first active shooter response program was conducted on August 20th 2016. It was featured in the local media and was attended by approximately 60 participants.


C.O.B.R.A. was developed in the United States by a seasoned law enforcement officer in 2002. It has spread across the globe ever since as an effective and efficient self-defense training program. C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Australia’s chief instructor Glenn Stevens  is a seasoned self-defense professional and his facility is located on Bribie Island.

Glenn and his staff offer fitness, self-defense, anti-abduction training and now active shooter response training. Glenn has been proactive in his approach by bringing active shooter response training to his community and country before they need it most.


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