1. When and how did you start training in the self-defense / Martial Arts industry/ fitness industry? Tell us your story

I am someone that doesn’t have a Martial Arts/ Self Defense background.  I have always loved sports and fitness. Upon moving to Bribe Island in 2011 I joined the local gym and started doing the combat classes there with Glenn Stevens, the now owner of Cobra Australia.  From there I enrolled my children in Glenns Karate School and Glenn and I became really good friends.  Glenn has always worked closely with our local council and approached me to help him run a women’s Self Defense course. 
Now to begin with I wondered how I could possibly be any assistance to him, I had no experience in Self Defense or Martial Arts, but I didn’t want to let him down so I said yes.  I spent a few days one on one with him learning the basics and we ran the course.  From that moment on I was hooked.  There are many things I am passionate about, but empowering women, empowering children and Fitness are definitely high on my list.  After a trip out to Florida to meet Chris Sutton and really learn the in’s and out’s of Cobra decided to really commit to becoming the best teacher I could be.  I enrolled at a local college and got certified in Group Fitness.  So now with a boss/coach like Glenn and my experience in the Fitness industry I am able to help instruct all aspects of Cobra, even without the traditional Martial Arts background.


2. How has COBRA impacted you as a professional?

COBRA has allowed me to confidently enter the Self Defense and Fitness Industry.  It gives clear instructions on how to be successful, how to hit all types of demographics, and it covers your business from every angle.  It has given me the awareness of being professional at all times and in all aspects of business. The confidence that having the COBRA name behind you brings is priceless.


 3. What are your training/business goals for the next 3 years?

We are having great success teaching children and schools the COBRA principles and I’d love to see more and more schools take our information. I would also like to see the Active Shooter program build momentum as it is something that we need and have needed for a long time in Australia. The world is changing and to be able to offer what communities need at an affordable price with a professional flair is one of our biggest strengths. I run COBRA FIT classes with Glenn and we are now one of the largest COBRA FIT centers in the World.  I feel that COBRA Australia can continue to drive that momentum and have a large impact internationally as well.



4.What do you enjoy most about being a Self-Defense/Fitness Instructor?

The most enjoyable thing about being a Self Defense/Fitness Instructor is having the capacity to share information with people that can save their lives, change the way they view their personal safety and empower them in their day to day living.  Although my strengths lay in the Fitness Industry, I enjoy watching peoples faces as they start learning all about COBRA Fighting Systems and the difference it can make in their lives.  All of a sudden the penny drops and they realize they are capable of make life saving decisions and that even without years of Martial Arts experience they can make a difference to a how they will experience certain situations.  The best part of being involved in COBRA is watching peoples mindsets and confidence change.


 5. If you only had 5 minutes to train someone what would be the most valuable survival skills you would teach them?


Confidence and tenacity. The biggest takeaway from teaching courses is the feeling of empowerment that I see in people in such a short space of time. To see people of all ages and abilities grow in stature and confidence is mind blowing. To see them finally understand  they ARE worth fight for, that their lives do make a difference, is very emotional for me.

Going hand in hand with that is the tenacity that you will do EVERYTHING that you can to survive and make it home to your family. it’s not how big and strong you are. Imagine a little fluffy kitten. While you are holding it and it is calm everything is ok. But the moment that kitten doesn’t want to be held, then you are going to have a real problem keeping hold of it. You’ll be scratched again and again until finally you’ll have to put it down. This tiny animal defeated you.

So be a good person, but when you need to, be feral.

6. Describe your job and what you enjoy most.

I take part in all aspects of teaching including planning and preparation, from what is going to be taught, to the most effective manner to teach it. I get to coach, mentor and lead by example. I want people to see that strength and confidence comes from the inside and that you can be empowered but still be feminine.  I love being part of a team and feeling the energy and dynamics that we professionally bring to a session. I love the fact that we have the opportunity to inspire people daily and that we are literally changing lives with the material that we teach.

7. You speak to members and prospects world wide if someone interested in joining as a Cobra Instructor / School what would you tell them?

That there isn’t a better company, that covers all aspects of your business, will give you all the support you need and show you a no fail plan to improve your revenue.  COBRA is constantly evolving and growing and when you follow the COBRA Plan you really can’t do anything but grow and expand as a School/ Business.  The amount of good people that are involved in all aspects of COBRA is incredible and the instructor friendships that you will make will last a lifetime. 
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