Ask the Big Questions: 10 Important Questions To Ask Before You Select An Effective & Legitimate Anti-Bully Program For Your Family.

Before you make the important decision of who will be training your child in anti-bully tactics you should research and ask some straight forward questions.  There are major  differences between the COBRA Bully Action Plan  and many other programs available to consumers.  Real Law Enforcement experience in dealing with juveniles, bullies, victims and families went into the core of this program informing the market that there is no such thing as “bully Proof ” or “just say no to Bullying “.


COBRA has established a comprehensive Pro- active and action plan to prevent and stop bullying quickly. COBRA owners are authorized to use and market this program for business purposes.

Who Are You Leaving In Charge of teaching your kids how to realistically protect themselves against bullying? Ask the big questions :

1.What is your actual background as it relates to bullying?

2. Have you worked with or been trained by an organization that specializes in bullies?

3. What field experience went into the course you are teaching?

4. What is the full extent of your training and education on this topic?

5. Do you or the organization who you received training from have experience dealing with real field criminals/ bullies?

6. Can I verify your training credentials with a legitimate organization that specializes in anti – bully training?

7. Are there training materials that outline a step by step process for your course?

8. Has your course every been instructed outside your local school / county / state or country?

9. Does your program teach just the kids , the parents or both?

10. Are there pro-active strategies, actions steps or both in your course and can I watch every class?


*****Remember Kicking & Punching is the end result of a bullying situation and real training credentials are needed to teach anti-bullying tactics. Being just a martial arts instructor is not enough.

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