Women’s Self Defense: Why Rape Prevention Training Is A Bad Idea

The popular concept of “rape prevention” in women’s self-defense is misguided.  It denotes you’re already in trouble. It’s akin to “shark bite infection prevention”. Far better would be to avoid swimming in shark infested waters.

There are factors a rapist needs to be successful and there are C.O.B.R.A. Defense strategies that can limit those factors.

Criminals Love Soft Targets

A rapist needs a “soft target”. Someone he can he overpower physically.
His victim would be alone, away from the view of others, unaware, untrained, and in denial from the shock of the surprise attack. He has been studying your habits and will decide if you fit the bill.

According to the Nation’s largest anti-rape organization close to 80% of all rape crimes happen in a home invasion or travelling from home to work, or running errands.

That means most rape crimes happen in homes and/or around your vehicle.

Rapists generally don’t break into a home during Thanksgiving dinner or strike while you’re walking out of a theater with your husband and friends. There is usually a broken chain of custody where you find yourself alone.

Here are five C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense strategies that limit a rapist from targeting you:

1. The TIME Strategy: You may not be able to control “when” an attacker targets you. However, pumping gas at 3 p.m. in broad daylight versus 9 p.m. where you may find yourself alone at a gas station limits vulnerability.

 2. The PLACE Strategy: Park in well lighted areas and closer to your destination to limit alone                 walk time to and from your vehicle.

3. Lock and Re-locate Strategy: Once inside your car, lock the door and relocate to your next destination. Do not check your social media status, or read emails in the parking lot.

4. 10-2 Strategy: Focus on your 10-2 (clock analogy) field of vision to limit distraction. Looking down at your phone as you walk to your vehicle or house makes you an easier target because you are distracted.  It also ties up your other senses which could warn you of an attack.

5.Social Posting Strategy: Never announce on social media you’re alone in the house or anywhere else. Limit “gifting” location status to predators that may be targeting you.

Training Saves Lives

Despite your best efforts, you are human and at times may violate safety factors that put you in a bad spot. It is your responsibility to seek reality based self- defense training which includes both cognitive training and the physical skill sets that give you the best opportunity to survive a rape attack.

By Joe Robaina, C.O.B.R.A. Defense Regional Director


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