How Many Students & Corporate Clients Do You Want?

C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Instructors can offer a program developed from Law Enforcement and globally offered to the entire market. Yes , all adults, children , groups and major corporations.

Just a few examples in multiple markets:

COBRA Self- Defense Miami – Over 200 Students In one day

COBRA  Self-Defense Winston Salem – 175 Students at Wake Forest University

COBRA  Self-Defense South Jersey 

COBRA  Self-Defense Australia

COBRA  Self-Defense South Africa -Corporate Training for Vadacom

COBRA Self-Defense Fort Collins – Training the Ram Battalion 

COBRA HQ and Regional Center – Training Royal Caribbean Executives

COBRA Training Verizon Executives

COBRA Training 50 U.S. Department of Forestry Officers


COBRA-Defense has been fine-tuned since 2003 to generate the maximum amount of revenue for self-defense instructors. From scheduling and classroom management to step-by-step marketing programs, COBRA is a complete self-defense business system.

No Studio? No Problem!

Though most of our licensees have facilities, it is not a requirement.

COBRA-Defense has evolved into a proven system for personal trainers doing private lessons in homes to teaching classes in the park.

COBRA Self-Defense Dallas Texas – Training the Dallas Transit Authority

How is Cobra Different from any other Self-Defense System?

First off, COBRA is NOT a military-based system or a martial arts based program. COBRA is a Business System built around law enforcement proven self-defense.

The tactics and techniques come from law enforcement, but it’s the professional business systems that separate Cobra from other programs.

Anyone can teach how to get out of a headlock. Cobra will show you how to make a great living doing it.

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The adult and corporate self-defense market is waiting for you.

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Own your own "Police Academy For Civilians" helping real people learn real-world self-defense.

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